We make the first change at no cost to the client EXCEPT:

- Sales period, we manage both the collection of the garment you want to exchange and the delivery of the new model to your home with a cost of €9, this cost can be paid by speaking to our sales team: ventas@bo-star.com either writing or

- If it is a second change, or it is a change of an OUTLET product, you will have to send us the garment to the offices for the attention of GABRIELA ORTIZ / GLORIA RUBIO

Inside the package, a note with the name and surname, order number and specifying the model and size you want to exchange must appear along with the garment.


- send an email to sales@bo-star.com with the following information:


Inside the email you have to put:

- name and surname of the person who placed the order

- order number if you have it.

- item you want to change

-garment that you want us to send you, specifying the model/color and size.

Within a period of 24-48 hours, this email will be responded to confirming the change of garment. Please, once you have sent the email with all the information described above, you have to wait this period for us to respond to you, the response is not immediate and you do not have to do anything else. If you write through Instagram, WhatsApp or the web chat for changes/returns, said request will not be managed.

The period for exchanges and returns is 14 calendar days from the day you receive the garment.
Remind you that in order for the garment to arrive to us on time (14 days according to law) you have to send it calculating the days it takes for the garment to arrive at the office.

No returns will be made if we receive the garment after 14 days. An exchange or voucher can be made but not refunds and as long as the garment arrives in perfect condition and with the hygienic protector.


If you want to return your order , the deadline to return the item for money will be 14 days from the day you receive the item. If we receive the garment in our offices after the 14-day legal period, no returns will be made and only the size or model can be changed.

Procedure for returns:

Send us your product to the following address


24 Celindas Street

28016 Madrid

Once the product is in the office and we verify that it is in perfect condition and that we received it within the stipulated period: 14 calendar days maximum, from the day you received it , we will refund the amount of the product excluding shipping costs to the same account from which you paid.

Inside the package, your personal information or your order number must appear along with the garment, and it is very important that you tell us that you are requesting the return of the garment.

For returns of products paid on delivery, the 5 euros of the cost of the PCR service are not refunded either.

In all returns, the item will be refunded in cash except for shipping costs and except in the following cases:

1. Outlet products will not be refunded, only exchanges or a voucher for the amount are accepted.

2. Models that are purchased in PRE ORDER do not accept refunds, only the size or model can be changed.

3. When a purchase is made that is associated with a gift of a product for the purchase of a garment, said garment cannot be returned in money, although changes in size, model or color are accepted or a voucher can be requested for the item. amount of the item purchased.

4. when a purchase is made associated with a 2x1 promotion, or a promotion that involves a price reduction on one item for the purchase of another, or any promotion that involves a price reduction on one item for the purchase of another. of a higher amount, a voucher or a change of size/model or color of the product you want to change will be made and a refund of the amount will only be accepted if it is a return of the entire order.

The period for RETURNS is 14 days from the day you receive your purchase.