Vanesa Lorenzo con traje de baño verde y escote barco con doble volante. Es un bikini de la colección bo star 2018 que pertenece a la colección de trajes de baño modelo male, con volantes y escotes asimétricos con tirante en un hombro

Vanesa Lorenzo. Namaste

Another woman who is pure inspiration for me, Vanesa Lorenzo.

I have had a deep admiration for her since I was a child but as the years have gone by I have followed her and gotten to know her a little more thanks to social networks and I still like her more and more, it is not just because of how brutally beautiful she is. He is and the style he has that I couldn't like more, I admit that I love and admire even more his style and way of life and the family he has formed that breathes love and happiness in its purest form.

I will never forget the day I sent her the swimsuit, if I didn't write 10 notes I didn't write any because I didn't know how to express in a few words what it meant to me that she had one of my clothes, that she might also like and that's it, curling the curl, and also to wear it... it would truly be a dream come true, a shot of energy and motivation to move forward with this project that I started five years ago with a lot of love but also with fears, doubts and also, because Not to mention, a lot of personal sacrifice.

With this presentation you can imagine how excited I was to see the photo she posted on her Instagram with our beautiful swimsuit on International Yoga Day... there are no words.

Almost a year after this photo, it still seems incredible to me to see that a woman for whom you feel so much admiration celebrates with all her followers a day that for her is part of her lifestyle, yoga, and we are there celebrating it with her, close to her. his skin and close to his big heart.

I can only tell you... NAMASTÉ

November 21, 2018 — CARMEN ESCALONA
Eugenia Silva con bikini en rosa bebé y volantito dorado, el bikini que lleva Eugenia es de la colección de Bo star swimwear summer 2019. Este bikini es de la colección Niza

Eugenia Silva in Mexico with our Nice bikini

There is nothing that makes me more excited than seeing our bikinis worn by women who for me have been and are a reference of elegance, beauty and lifestyle. That's why I'm starting this Wednesday happy to show you some photos that we found browsing Instagram of Eugenia Silva on a recent trip she made to Mexico to present the Latinamerican Fashion Summit and where she also enjoyed a few days of relaxation on the wonderful beaches of Riviera Maya.
The photos are pure inspiration for the five senses. Some photos where Eugenia better than anyone captures the style and essence of our Nice collection, bikinis with a clean and simple cut but at the same time very special pieces, where the choice of fabrics and the color combination play the most important role in May the result be a bikini...spectacular!
The one Eugenia is wearing is from the new SS-19 collection, a NIZA bikini in baby pink, with a cottony touch, combined with a delicate gold ruffle all around the chest and panties.
The truth is that the images in this post speak for themselves so I won't go any further and leave you the photos that have made my Wednesday happy and have teleported me a little to paradise and to summer 2019 that we are so looking forward to!
Eugenia Silva with a Niza model bikini in baby pink and gold ruffle from the new bo star swimwear 2019 collection. It is a basic bikini with a pattern that stylizes the chestEugenia Silva with a pink bikini and gold ruffle from the Bo star brand, it is a bikini from the new 2019 collection
November 21, 2018 — Gabriela Ortiz